Some times social media is good, some times it is overwhelming.  I hope this blog helps to clarify the mysteries of fragrance oil.

All fragrances are NOT created equal.  Fragrance oils are a complex blend of natural and synthetic components, each part reflecting in the final price.  For example, patchouli is available from various countries, and each would have its own notes.  The best patchouli may come from Asia, but at a higher price.  If a fragrance oil containing patchouli is constructed on price alone, a lower grade patchouli oil may be used in the mix to meet the suppliers price limit.  On the flip side, the best oil can be used to create a superior product.

Fragrances are built for a purpose.  The needs of a candle maker can be much different than a soap maker.  Our #1 requirement from our fragrance oil is top performance in wax.  Secondly, we ask the manufacturer to formulate it to be compatible with soap.  There is a common thread among many forums/boards to move to essential oils and phthalate or parabin free oils for fragrancing.  This may be ideal for bath and body products, but be mindful of what is used to fragrance wax.  If you are having problems with your scent throw, ask your supplier what their criteria is for the fragrance oil.   As mentioned earlier, our focus is candle making.

We are moving towards phthalate free, but not at the compromise of quality.  Older versions of our oils will not be reformulated if the performance cannot be maintained.  If you are a bath and body product creator, the issue of phthalates would be a much greater concern - especially with products applied and absorbed by the skin.  In this instance, PF (phthalate free) fragrances are recommended.

You may have noticed that we have a Vanilla-SOY and a Vanilla fragrance oil, as well as Eucalyptus and a few others with the same name.  The SOY indicates our supplier, and does not mean that it cannot be used in paraffin.  Likewise, the fragrances listed in A-Z can be used in soy with great results.  Oils between the two groups can be blended to create custom scents as well.  Have fun and get creative.

We would love to hear your reviews on our fragrance oils.    Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to an oil, we welcome your feedback.  For transparency, we post all reviews.  

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