Candle Making Spring & Summer Trends 2023

by Editorial Team
candle making spring summer trends 2023

Are you ready to say goodbye to the cold winter weather and hello to the vibrant colors and scents of spring and summer?

Village Craft and Candle is excited to announce our new collection for the warmer seasons, featuring three trends: eco-nnection, Fruitphoria, and Tropical Relaxation.

As the cold season ends and people come out of their homes, they will be looking for ways to connect with others and keep some of the peaceful habits they developed during the winter.

Our collection is designed to cater to different preferences and emotions, with scents and colors that will revitalize and refresh, or calm and relax. From eco-Connection, which promotes inclusivity through unique blends, to Fruitphoria, with its vibrant and fruity scents, to Tropical Relaxation, with its soothing and tropical vibes, our collection has something for everyone.

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