Collection: Paraffin Wax


Ready to Use Candle Paraffin, Hurricane waxes and Specialty waxes.

Fully refined paraffin waxes typically have a low oil content (below .5%), good color and are very hard.

Generally can accommodate high fragrance loads(in non-mottling blends) with improved scent throw properties.

Pretty much any type of candle can be made with paraffin wax. The melting point is the primary determinant of the type of candle you can make with it.

Food grade paraffin requires some additives.

Premixed waxes contain all additives necessary for scent retention ,glass adhesion, mold release etc.

Low melt point paraffin (less than 130°F) is used for container candles in jars, cups or glasses

Medium melt point paraffin (130°F – 150°F) is used for candles that need to stand on their own – votives, pillars and other molded candles

High melt point wax (greater than 150°F) is used for more special applications like hurricane candle shells, overdipping and other special candle making applications.