Collection: Candle Dye


VCC Dyes have undergone an innovative reformulation, making them compatible with all wax types and delivering more concentrated and consistent hues. With the "New & Improved" label prominently displayed, these dyes are available in both liquid and chip forms, ensuring vibrant colors for your candles. It's crucial, however, to avoid overloading: no more than 14 drops of liquid or 3 chips per pound of wax. A tip for customization: deepen shades with added black, brown, or mahogany. To preview the final shade, mix, dab on wax paper, and dry.

Although the manufacturer strives for color consistency, variations between batches can occur, so cross-checking with personal samples is recommended. The end color of candles can be influenced by factors like wax type, fragrance color, and pouring temperature. Some color mixes might even impact burn efficiency, so always conduct a test burn to ensure desired results.