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makesy® virgin coconut soy™ wax

makesy® Virgin Coconut Soy™ Wax

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This wax blend is ideal for use in container candles and tarts. With an even, slow burn, superior jar adhesion, and great cold & hot scent throw the makesy® Virgin Coconut Soy™ Wax is an excellent choice.

This coconut soy wax is gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. This clean burning, natural, & biodegradable wax is skin-safe, clinically tested & dermatologist reviewed. It is an easy to use single-pour wax that is non-toxic & vegan, which contains a heat antioxidant to prevent discoloration + UV stabilizer to protect dye colors. Made sustainably from soy, coconut, and food-grade paraffin.


  • Melt to 180 -190℉, add fragrance and pour
  • Fragrance load: 9% - 10%, can safely handle up to 12%
  • Cure for 72 hours

Attention: Variations in both color and texture of vegetable based wax (soy, coconut, and palm) is common due to the natural characteristics of the ingredients. We make every effort to confirm the wax we sell meets the quality standards and technical specifications set by the manufacturer.

A case contains 4 slabs, each 11lbs.

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