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Stabilo 16 Wick

Stabilo 16 Wick

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Formerly: Stabilo 16 (2"-2.5" Diameter) Wick

Stabilo candle wicks, formerly known as CD wicks, are coreless, flat braided cotton wicks with paper fibers woven throughout, designed for consistent burn with high fragrance loads. Widely used in candle manufacturing, they promote maximum capillary action and ensure proper flame posture. They excel with harder waxes like soy and palm offering enhanced burning properties. Primed with a high melt point vegetable wax.

  • Wick Type: Stabilo 16

  • Height: 6” | 152mm

  • Base/tab: .79” | 20mm

  • Suggested Wax Type: Soy / Palm / All Wax Types

  • Estimated Burn Pool*: 2.7" | 61mm

  • Candle Type: Container

Note: See our resource article on Choosing the right wick. We cannot guarantee any certain wick to work in your application, as there are many variables involved. You must test burn your candles to determine the best wick for your combination of vessel size, wax type, fragrance oil, and dye. Please utilize our Wick Explore Kits to help you find the optimal wick for your application.

*Based on Manufacturer Information of the wick’s performance using unscented, uncolored 140 MP provided for comparison purposes only.  The results will vary depending on the specific application.



  • Wholesale pricing available for case quantities (5000 units)


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