IGI 6006 Soy Paraffin Blend (for containers) - 133MP for Candle Making || IGI 6006 Blend de paraffine de soja (pour les conteneurs) - 133MP pour la fabrication de bougies

IGI 6006 Soy Paraffin Blend (for containers) - 133MP

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IGI 6006 - Premixed Soy Paraffin Blend for container candles. Not suitable for mold candles or for wax melts.

Attention: Variations, in both colour and texture of vegetable based wax (soy, coconut, and palm) are common due to the natural characteristics of the ingredients. We make every effort, despite colour and texture variations, to confirm the wax we sell meets the quality standards and fall in range of the technical specifications set by the manufacturer.


Good Single pour properties under optimal conditions. Good adhesion to jars, high fragrance load. Up to 10% fragrance oil retention. Smooth and creamy look. Wax is preblended; no additives required. This wax is the consistency of a thick peanut butter.

Pouring temperature should be from 160-180F. Optimal pour temperature determined by experimentation. Containers may or may not need to be pre-heated before pouring.

A slab is apx 10 lbs and a case is apx 40lbs.


  • Heat wax to 185°F - 200°F.
  • Pre-heated jars help minimize shrinking.
  • Add fragrance and dye (if desired) and stir thoroughly (Can accommodate fragrance load up to a 10%)
  • Pour at 160°F.
  • Allow to cool as slowly as possible.