IGI 1239 Paraffin Wax
IGI 1239 Paraffin Wax - 139F MP for pillar candles. Ideal for crafting scented or food-grade pillars. Additives enhance scent. Popular for DIY projects.

IGI 1239 Paraffin Wax - 139 MP

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IGI 1239 Refined Paraffin Wax - 139F MP (for pillars). Requires additives for scent retention. Mostly used for making pillars. Also good for projects requiring a basic food grade paraffin.

A slab is approximately 10lbs and a case is apx. 40lbs.


  • Heat wax to 180-190°F.
  • Preheat glass containers to allow for better side adhesion.
  • Add fragrance and dye (if desired) and stir thoroughly, then pour at about 175°F-185°F. For best results, top off to achieve a smooth top.