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diffuser - reeds - regular

Diffuser - Reeds - Regular

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Enhance your home's ambiance with our Fiber Diffuser Reeds. Made from natural fibers, these diffuser sticks efficiently disperse your favorite essential oils or fragrance blends, creating a lasting and delightful scent experience. Ideal for DIY aromatherapy projects or as replacement sticks for your existing diffuser setup. Elevate your space with our eco-friendly and long-lasting diffuser reeds today!

  • Diameter: 3mm | 0.3cm
  • Length: 20cm | 7.9”
  • Material: Fiber

Please note that optimal diffuser performance may vary based on different essential oils and fragrance blends. We recommend testing our Fiber Diffuser Reeds with your chosen oils to ensure desired scent diffusion and longevity. Experimentation with different oil-to-reed ratios and placement can help achieve the best results for your specific setup.


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