Collage of 8 images of cologne and perfume bottles against various backgrounds || Collage de 8 images de flacons d'eau de Cologne et de parfum sur différents fonds

Cologne & Perfume Fragrance Explore Kit

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Our Cologne & Perfume Fragrance Collection includes incredible fragrances inspired by some of the trendiest colognes and perfumes on the market today. We've added 8 new scents and we knew that you would want to try them all. That's why we created this convenient explore kit to make it easier for you to do just that! 

The Village Craft & Candle Cologne & Perfume Fragrance Explore Kit contains all 8 of the newest scents from our Cologne & Perfume Fragrance Collection. Each fragrance comes in our 30ml sample size which will allow you to test them in wax. Order your kit today and see if you can guess the popular colognes and perfumes that influenced these fragrances... we think you can!

The Cologne & Perfume Fragrance Explore Kit Contains:

IFRA and MSDS sheets for each of the fragrances can be found on their individual product pages linked above.