Collection: Valentine's Day

Indulge your senses and enrich your candle creations with Village Craft & Candle's exclusive Valentine Collection scents. Our carefully curated fragrances, ranging from delightful florals and alluring blends to tempting chocolates, infuse an irresistible sensuality into your products. Crafted for love and warmth, these scents create a seductive ambiance, perfect for intimate moments or adding an alluring touch to your collection. Perfect for Valentine's gifts or adding a romantic vibe to your collection, these fragrances are a must-have. Explore now and let your candles weave a passionate love story. Celebrate the essence of romance with Village Craft & Candle – your key to sensual delights and candle-making success. Sale goes from Nov 29 (12 am EST) to Dec 6 (11:59 pm EST).