Zinc Core, MED - Spooled and Unprimed 51-32-18z for Candle Making || Zinc Core, Med - Volant et non camouré 51-32-18Z pour la fabrication de bougies

Zinc Core, MED - Spooled and Unprimed 51-32-18z

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Cotton outer braid surrounding a thin filament of zinc, gives wick stability.

Suitable for paraffin candles 3"-4" in diameter. Also works well with gel candles 3" in diameter.

Unprimed. 50 ft in package

Note: See our resource article on Choosing the right wick. We cannot guarantee any certain wick to work in your application, too many variables are involved. You must test burn your candles to determine the best wick for your combination of jar size, wax type, fragrance oil, and dye.