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taper - wide - silicone mold

Taper - Wide - Silicone Mold

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Silicone mold to make one wide taper candle. Approximately 1.25" x 4". Candles may look slightly different from image. Suggested wick #2/0 cotton, always test burn your product to make sure it works for you.

Silicone Rubber molds are ideal for casting beeswax. May also be used with paraffin and votive/pillar soy wax.

Unlike other molds that require release agents, silicone rubber molds are durable, versatile and do not require any release agent. A small smooth pillar candle can be removed from the mold within 30 minutes of the wax being poured. Tapers can be removed within 15 minutes. Molds use a metal pin (included) to make a centered wick hole. Once cooled just remove candle from mold and insert a pre-made wick tab assembly into the wick hole.

The silicone rubber that is used to make these molds is amazing stuff. It can be stretched 3 times its original size before it will tear and can withstand temperatures of 450 F. The silicone rubber comes in various viscosities, which allows the& use of softer rubber for molds with textured relief, thus eliminating the need to split the mold down the side and hold it together with elastics when casting. Resulting in a smooth casting with no seam lines to trim later. Silicone rubber molds, like all molds, acquire a thin glaze of wax after repeated uses. To remove a light glaze just brush with a bottle brush, or for a heavy wax glaze run through the dishwasher or boil in a pot of water and then wipe with a soft cloth.


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