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igi 4794 paraffin candle wax (for votives) - 130mp

IGI 4794 Paraffin Candle Wax (for votives) - 130MP

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IGI 4794 – Premixed wax for votives

Premixed waxes eliminates the need for “candle recipes”. All necessary additives are precisely measured and added by the manufacturer.

Creates a solid, opaque color. Has a 130F melt point. One pound makes approximately 8 votives, excellent scent throw. Votives will burn 15 hours with the self centering zinc wick sold by VCC. Candle will liquefy, MUST be burned in a tight fitting votive glass.

Can also be used to make tealights that will burn approximately 5 hours.

A slab is apx 10lbs and a case is apx 40 lbs.


  • Heat wax to 165°F - 185°F.
  • Add fragrance and dye, stir thoroughly, then pour around 150°F-170°F.
  • Save some wax to use for the 2nd pour. After the 1st pour, allow candles to cool, then come back and top off .

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