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I placed an order this morning can I pick it up this afternoon?

Orders are received and processed in the mornings. If you place an order in the late evening or early morning hours, it’s possible we haven’t reached your order by the time you arrive for pick up. Furthermore, if you have placed an order for bulk supplies like cases of wax or glass, we won’t have had the opportunity to retrieve them from our warehousing location. If you arrive before receiving the emailing notification for pick up, you run the risk of paying floor prices for products or products not being available. 

How do I know when my order is ready for pick up?

We send you an email when your order is ready for pick up. Please check your email (and junk mail ) .

When is your shipping department open?

Online orders (delivery and pick up) are processed Monday to Friday starting at 9:30am and ending at approximately 2:30 pm. If you have placed your order outside of our shipping hours your order will be received upon open of the next business day.

Why is shipping only during regular business hours and not 24hrs like Amazon?

Village Craft and Candle is run by a small, hard-working group of people who go home at the end of each day.

 Should I just call in my order? Will that be faster?

We do accept call in orders but normally it's reserved for our remote clients without internet access or those who have extreme difficulty navigating the internet. It is easier if you order online.  That way, we have a payment method, address, phone number, and we both get a saved record of your order.

It will not be faster if you call in your order. By phoning an order in it will not be placed as priority. In fact, it makes the process longer by placing orders over the phone.

I’m having a hard time with ordering online now what?

You can call in for customer support and our rep will be happy to walk you through the online ordering process. Please double check your information is correct and try refreshing the page. Always double check your postal code.

Do I need to be home to receive my order?

If you have selected Canpar as your shipping method, you will need to sign for your parcel when it arrives unless you stated in your order instructions for no signature required. Canpar will not ship to a P. O Box so you must include a physical street  delivery address.

Canada post no longer requires a signature, if you would like Canada post to “not safe drop” please indicate in your order special instructions.




How fast will my order be?

Our orders have a 1-2 day turn around time depending on the season. This means the orders are received every business day morning beginning at 9:30am and checked throughout the afternoon. Orders are packed and awaiting the courier services either same day or next.

Canada Post and Canpar only stop once daily at our location for pickups.

Non-busy Season example: An order placed Tuesday at 4:00pm will be printed Wednesday morning at 9:30am it will be awaiting courier service pick up between Wednesday afternoon- Thursday Morning.

Canada Post arrival estimates


Canpar arrival estimates


Busy season expect delays.

When is busy season?

September through December we are gearing up for Christmas so expect delays.

How Much is Shipping?

Shipping is calculated by the weight and size of your parcel. To get an accurate shipping quote for your order select VIEW CART when you have completed your shopping, there will be an ESTIMATE SHIPPING drop down where you can enter your postal code. This will show you all the shipping methods and corresponding cost.

Do you Ship outside of Canada?

Unfortunately, our updated shipping policies state that we can only ship within Canada.

Why won’t Canada post show as a shipping option?

Your total shipment weight is over 50lbs. Canada Post will not pick up parcels over 50lbs.

Can I just pay for Canpar shipping or enter no shipping, and you send it Canada post anyway?

Sorry but no that’s not possible.  The calculated shipping rate will not be correct.

I ordered on a Friday night or on the weekend now what?

Orders are received upon opening the following business day Monday. Orders are packed and processed in the same sequence they are received. Meaning if you ordered Friday after close yours will be processed first and continue down the line.

Help! What if I need my order ASAP!?

The best and most effective way to receive your order ASAP is to place your order it as soon as possible.  Here at Village Craft and Candle we consider all our customers important. From home crafters to bulk buyers and everyone in between. We will work to make every order a priority, our orders are processed in the sequence they are received. First come first serve. No exceptions.

Adding *URGENT*, *SHIP ASAP*, *RUSH ORDER* in the comments will not bump yours to the top of the list. As far as the fastest shipping method we offer, Canada post priority is the very fastest that you can get. Planning ahead is the key.

I forgot to add something now what?

If you place an order and forget to add something the best thing to do is contact the store as soon as possible. Email Dee at orders@vccandle.com include your order number and what you’d like to add.

If your item is small enough not to affect your shipping cost, you’ll just need to pay for the product itself and we'll tuck it into your order.

If your item is large you will need to place a separate order that includes the new product and shipping cost online.

If your box has been packed and is awaiting the courier service, it is too late to make any additions and a secondary order online must be made.

I’ve placed my order but don’t have a tracking number yet?

Please allow 24hours from when your order has been marked as “shipped” for your tracking number.

If after 24hrs you still haven’t received a tracking number, please check your junk mail folder.




Are there different items in the store?

If you visit the retail store, you will find numerous items not on the website, clearance, discontinued and items that cannot be shipped easily.  You will also be able to smell and buy all 400 oils we carry

Can anyone visit the cash and carry?

Yes, you do not need to be a registered business to visit our showroom/retail store.

Are the prices the same online and in the store?

No, Some prices are slightly less expensive online as an incentive to pre-order.


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