The Advantages of Making Candles With Your Kids

by Editorial Team
The Advantages of Making Candles With Your Kids

Candle-making is a fun, economical and creative family activity that offers numerous benefits for both parents and children. Not only does it provide quality bonding time, but it can also boost kids’ creativity and imagination — and instil a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Provides Quality Bonding Time

For parents, making candles with their kids allows them to spend quality time together. Working on a craft project gives them a chance to talk and share stories while they make something together, which is not always possible during other activities. Plus, it’s a great way to teach children lessons about patience, precision, and problem-solving. After all, candle-making requires supervision and at times, troubleshooting.

Makes Math & Science Fun

There are also math and science elements that your children will learn from candle-making. You must figure out what recipe works best to create the results you are looking for. For example, which wick works best to give your candle a full melt pool with the wax and vessel size you have selected? What ratio of wax to fragrance oil is required to give your candle an excellent scent throw without overloading the wax? How much dye is needed to achieve the colour you are going for?

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Sparks Creativity

The greatest advantage of candle-making for kids, however, is the chance to get creative. While the process requires basic instructions and adherence to safety tips, the individual candle projects allow each family member to express their personality and preferences. From the vessel in which the wax is poured, to the scent, wax colour and type of wick used, there are so many different elements that can be used to create a truly unique candle.

Develops Entrepreneurial Skills

Another exciting possibility that could arise from teaching your kids about candle-making is that they may love the craft so much that they choose to start their own candle-making business. This could be something that they want to do on their own, or it could be a project that the whole family can work on together. Starting a craft business as a kid can be a great way to learn responsibility, develop business skills, and make money. With the right approach and planning, kids can start a successful craft business.

Once they are comfortable with the candle-making side of things and they have recipes that they know work well; they should create a detailed plan for their business, including price points, target markets, potential suppliers, and marketing strategies. Additionally, child entrepreneurs and their parents should consider important legal paperwork such as getting liability insurance.

Kids will also need to build a portfolio of their work to showcase their craft. This can be done by taking pictures/videos and creating an online presence, such as on social media or a website. Social media is a powerful tool for kids to use to promote their businesses and grow their customer base to make a profit. For example, they can use platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to share information about their business and products. Depending on your child's age, you may need to help them with this.


In conclusion, learning to make candles with their parents is an amazing and enriching experience for kids in so many ways. Not only does it introduce them to the art and science of making candles, but also to entrepreneurship. It can open up a world of possibilities for them, allowing them to create beautiful and functional pieces to give as gifts, use in the home or even put their skills to use by starting their own business. This creative activity is not only educational and fun, but it can also be deeply rewarding and help to build meaningful connections between family members.

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