Route Package Protection Service - How Will It Work for Users?

Village Craft & Candle proudly teams up with Route's Green Package Protection, a solution that helps cover your order in the event that it gets lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit, providing a guaranteed compensation while also protecting the planet.

We know how frustrating it is to have something happen to your order, so we’ve partnered with Route to offer added assurance that you’re supported, no matter what.

With its modern approach and commitment to enabling every customer to take control of the post-purchase experience, you also help in the flourishing of the ecosystem. Every time you add Green Package Protection to your order, Route donates to support an agroforestry initiative that removes CO₂ from the air and promotes a flourishing ecosystem. 

This is an opt-in package protection program that you can add to your order providing it protection from damage, theft or loss. But regardless of whether you opt-in or not, you will also benefit from a better tracking experience for your packages when you download the Route app.

You can utilize the Route App to visually track all of your online orders in one place and easily file a claim with their team. Whether you’re tracking via the Route App or online Route’s real-time shipping updates keep you in the loop throughout every part of your delivery. Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download here.