Customer Story: Harpreet from The Collective Dreamer

by Editorial Team
customer story village craft and candle: harpreet

After an undiagnosed heart condition, I took a medical leave from my job as a nurse. During my time off, I struggled to eat, walk, talk and was forced to spend time with myself. Although spending time in solitude or in meditation was a common practice, it was something I haven’t been able to do in a long time.

I was forced to turn inwards and question if I was truly happy with the work that I was doing. Sitting with myself everyday forced me to re-evaluate my career path and the quality of my life. Was I really as happy as I led myself to believe? Did I have the quality of life that I wanted? Although I loved the work I do as a nurse, I was yearning to express myself creatively.

My Candle-Making Journey 

After a visit to the emergency room, I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do if I recovered (I did!) and as I was naming away, I said to myself “I want to run my own business. I want to make candles”. I was just as surprised as my friends and family. I had never made anything by hand at that point and it was so different from anything I have ever done. It was such a suppressed desire, I wasn’t aware it was even there. I guess it took facing what I thought was death, to bring my desire of candle-making to the surface. Since my healing journey, one thing I can say is, I truly make my candles from a heart-centred place.

Since I was confined to my bed, I spent my time doing research and creating a plan for my candle shop. I wanted to continue to support other local businesses and find a reliable and trustworthy candle supply store that I could continue to work with long-term and grow my business alongside with. That’s when I discovered Village Craft & Candle. To my surprise, not only did they have all the supplies I needed to start my business, they had amazing reviews and I could see customers really trusted them.

The name of my shop, The Collective Dreamer, came to me in a dream in November 2020. I woke up in the middle of the night, and quickly wrote down the words in my phone, hoping that one day it would make more sense. I knew it was a message from the divine and those words would have great significance to me one day.

Personal Healing and Growth

Today, I continue to heal my body holistically. Illness has been my greatest teacher and now I have the honour to create sacred handcrafted candles to share my love for healing and personal growth.

I have spent many years learning about healing through shamanism, plant medicine and other ancient healing modalities, and I have incorporated the knowledge that I have gained, in the creation of my candles.

The element of fire is passionate, determined and purifying. Fire is an element that has been used greatly throughout history, and still today, for divination and healing. Whether you are using my candles for rituals or meditation, I trust the love and care put in each candle will assist you on your personal journey to self-love and healing.

Post written by Harpreet Lakhan.

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