Candle Making Spring Trends 2022

by Editorial Team
candle making spring trends 2022

The world has experienced huge shifts in its focus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Major political, cultural, economic, and environmental changes and instability has caused many of us to first look inward to reflect on how to bring peace and calm back to our lives during these unpredictable times.

Then we needed to ground ourselves by implementing changes in our lives and our homes to re-establish harmony and reconnect with our roots.

Finally, we were ready to burst forward and face our new reality with empowered excitement.

These 3 phases of what the world has experienced over the past few years encompass what the 3 major trends for Spring 2022 are based on.

candle making spring trends


We know that you will be just as excited to incorporate these beautiful scents and colours into your collections as we were.

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