Fall & Winter Crafting Trends 2024

by Editorial Team
Candle Making Fall & Winter Trends Catalogue 2024

As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, it's the perfect time to embrace the season's coziest vibes with our handpicked fall and winter scents. 

Village Craft & Candle's brand new Fall & Winter Crafting Trends Catalogue 2024 is your essential guide to this season's inspirations and top-quality crafting materials.

Three Inspiring Themes

  • Dusk Tomorrow: Deep, rich scents paint a picture of twilight's mystery, creating a perfect atmosphere for unwinding after a long day.
  • Heritage Elegance: Classic fragrances evoke a luxurious and comforting feeling, like a warm hug on a chilly evening.
  • Sunset Spectrum: Warm and inviting scents capture the vibrant energy of twilight, bringing a touch of joy and cheer to your space.

More than Just Scents

This catalogue goes beyond fragrance suggestions! You'll learn how choosing scents can influence emotions and help you create products that people will love. We also offer valuable tips on packaging and design to make your creations stand out!

Get your FREE copy of the Fall & Winter Trends Catalogue 2024 today and:

  • Explore inspiring scent suggestions for each theme, accompanied by detailed descriptions to ignite your creativity.
  • Understand how scent choices impact mood and buying decisions.
  • Find a curated selection of high-quality fragrances and accessories to take your crafting projects to the next level.

 Download your catalogue today and find your perfect match!


Important Disclaimer:
Fragrance Oils and Health Products Our fragrance oils are intended for external use in candles, diffusers, and some cosmetic applications. They are not to be ingested, inhaled, or applied directly to skin without proper dilution. Health Canada requires a Natural Product Number (NPN) for the sale of any product making health claims or intended for therapeutic use. It is your responsibility to ensure your final product formulation complies with all applicable regulations and obtains the necessary NPN certification before sale.

Fragrance oils, when incorporated into health products, may require additional safety testing to ensure their suitability and interaction with other ingredients. We strongly recommend conducting independent testing by a qualified laboratory to confirm the safety and efficacy of your final product formulation. By purchasing this product, you agree to assume all responsibility for its proper use and application. We shall not be held liable for any misuse, claims, or damages resulting from the use of this fragrance oil in a health product.


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