Bulk Order Pricing

We are happy to offer our valued customers the following coupon codes for bulk orders of soy wax and Exclusive Fragrance oils. Drum pricing on Exclusive Fragrances as well!

Bulk Soy Wax [BULKSOY]

We are happy to announce that we have lowered our soy wax 25lb case price from $69.00 to $61.00. On top of these incredible savings, we are offering an additional $100 off when you purchase an entire pallet of soy wax (60 cases). A pallet is now only $3,550 (previous price $4,090). If you are interested in purchasing a pallet, email help@vccandle.com stating the kind of soy wax you would like to purchase as well as the shipping address the wax will be delivered to. We will get a shipping quote for you and send you and invoice for your order.

Bulk Fragrance Oil [BESTFRAG]

When you purchase a minimum of $499.99 worth of our Exclusive Fragrances, you will save 3% off by using the coupon code BESTFRAG. For example, if you buy 15 - 450 ml bottles of any of the Exclusive Fragrances, you'll save $15.

Fragrance Oil Drum Pricing

Now offering preorders on 25lb drums of any of our Exclusive Fragrances. Drums are $729 + freight and taxes ($29.16 per pound). These orders will require a lead time of approximately 3-4 weeks, so be sure to notify us well in advance. Payment must be made prior to us placing your order with our supplier. Email help@vccandle.com for more information.

Drum pricing is only available on Exclusive Fragrances. For all other fragrances, the largest quantity available is a 450 ml bottle.