IGI 4786 Paraffin Wax (for containers) - 125MP for Candle Making

IGI 4786 Paraffin Wax (for containers) - 125MP

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IGI 4786 - Premixed wax for container candles

Premixed waxes eliminates the need for “candle recipes”. All necessary additives are precisely measured and added by the manufacturer.

Does require a top up pour or “second pour”. Holds up to 10% scent load. May need to freeze to break into smaller pieces, allow wax to return to room temperature before melting. Will make a 4 hour tealight.

A slab is 10lbs and a case is 40lbs.


  • Heat wax to 160°F - 170°F.
  • Preheat glass containers to allow for better side adhesion.
  • Add fragrance and dye, stir thoroughly, then pour around 160°F. (Can accommodate fragrance load up to a 15%)
  • Allow to cool as slowly as possible.  Do not place in a water bath or refrigerator to accelerate cooling.