Customer Story: Lloyd Kerry from Foxy Candle Co. - Village Craft & Candle

Customer Story: Lloyd Kerry from Foxy Candle Co.

I was part of a retail store in 2019 comprised of artisans operating as a small co-op to help sell our goods. At that time, I was selling my woodworking products - cutting and charcuterie boards, small wooden boxes, etc. We took turns working and paid a percentage of sales to the rent. Unfortunately, the person who sold candles decided to leave, so we were left with a void in the store. This person was a good seller, and I thought, "How hard can it be to make candles?" - I used to work in a chemistry lab for years before I went into business full-time with my woodworking.

My candle-making journey

I watched dozens of YouTube videos on candle-making, bought some equipment, vessels, supplies, and got to work. My candles turned out well. (My daughter is my biggest critic, so if a new scent pleases her, it is bound to sell!) And this is how Foxy Candle Co. was born. I chose that name as we have a lot of red foxes roaming the countryside, a spin-off of a lucrative fox fur trade back in the early 1900s.

Foxy Candle Co.

I'm now selling them in a few local retail stores, and I have a booth at various fairs and markets. They have been well-received by my customers, and I enjoy a lot of repeat business from them. 

Some of the candle names are "PEI Summer," "Grammy's Apple Pie," "Vanilla Latte," "Solitude," "Teak & Leather," "Xmas Baking," "Christmas Bells," and "Pillow Talk". 

I have about 25-30 different scents, depending on the time of year. I use only Freedom soy wax and buy it and many of my fragrance oils and miscellaneous items from Village Craft & Candle.

Expanding my line of products

A while back, I ordered some small black jars with faux-wood screw caps. I thought they would make a nice addition to the plain silver 8 oz. tins I mostly use. Unfortunately, it turns out they were too small for candles (2" diameter x 1.5" height). It wasn't economically feasible to return them, so I racked my brain, went back to YouTube, and now I have my own lip and skin balm. It has all-natural ingredients, and I sell it at the local Sunday market. I am getting lots of repeat sales, so that's a good sign.

With the help of some dog lovers, I also now have 'Paw Balm,' an unscented balm to help protect the pads on our four-legged friends' feet. I just started making and selling it this summer, so hopefully, it will also take off with winter around the corner.

The last addition to my product line is 'Beard Oil.' I used to buy it for myself and found it a little pricey, plus I didn't know what was in it. My formulation has all-natural ingredients and is becoming popular.

Future plans include designing and making a small wooden gift box for my matte black jars and bamboo lids.

Post written by Lloyd Kerry, owner of Foxy Candle Co.