Mulling Spice - Fragrance Oil

Mulling Spice - Fragrance Oil

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Fresh orange peel and soft fruit tones accent apple and cinnamon. Undertones of vanilla complete the fragrance.

Suitable for Paraffin and Soy/Veg waxes

_157F____ Flash Point

_no____ Bath and Body Safe (If YES, refer to IFRA for usage levels)

__yes__  Phthalate Free

____  Paraben Free

____  Vanillin %

_no___  Cold Processed Soap Approved

_____ Alert – Fragrance oil is


_____ Exclusive Oil - Designed and tested by VCCandle

__X___ This oil is purchased from a Reseller.  Availability, pricing and technical data may not be readily available and can change without notice.  

_____ This fragrance is an in house blend to Village Craft and Candle. The oils in this blend have flash points between ____F and ___F. All components are skin safe. This oil is best used within one year.

Colour Suggestion: cinnamon

Download the IFRA sheet

Download the MSDS sheet

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