Honeycomb & Flat Beeswax Sheets

Honeycomb & Flat Beeswax Sheets

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Honeycomb Beeswax Sheets 

Sheets are 10 to a bundle/colour to ensure safe shipping.  Packages cannot be assorted.

Excellent for hand rolling pure beeswax candles. Warm slightly with hairdryer or heat gun and use cotton braid wicking.

Sheets are 8.5" x 16.5".

To optimize burning, after candle has been burning for over two hours, snuff out flame, trim wick, re-light if desired.

Wick should always be trimmed to ½-3/4” in length. For optimum burn time of your candle, you may find in necessary to go up one or two sizes in wick than you normally use.

A dusty film or “bloom” can form on sheets of pure beeswax . This bloom is a natural occurrence and illustrates the 100% purity of your beeswax sheets. To remove the bloom, lay sheet on flat surface , take hairdryer a minimum of 3” from beeswax and move it from end to end across wax.

One sheet of honeycomb will burn at least 8 hours, one sheet flat thin will burn at least 10 hours.

100% pure beeswax has a high melting point making it a longer and cleaner burning wax.

100% pure beeswax is one of the most smokeless and dripless waxes you can buy and it is natural.

*Beeswax has a lovely natural fragrance. Colours shown may not be exact. Colours may vary from batch to batch. Golden yellow is what we consider natural colour.

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