Bakeapple Jam - Fragrance Oil

Bakeapple Jam - Fragrance Oil

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This raspberry looking berry is actually called a bakeapple berry and is a staple in jam preserves and desserts on the east coast of Canada. Pucker up!

This fragrance oil is an in-house mix that is being reformulated in order to provide proper MSDS and IFRA documentation. While it is being reformulated, it can be recreated by using the recipe below.

Recipe - Strawberry 28%, Pomegranate 72%

Suitable for Paraffin, Soy, and Vegetable waxes

  • Flash Point - **
  • Bath and Body Safe (refer to IFRA for usage levels)
  • Paraben free

Exclusive Oil - Designed and tested by VCCandle

**This fragrance is an in house blend to Village Craft and Candle. The oils in this blend have flash points between 130F and 200F. All components are skin safe. This oil is best used within one year. Strawberry 28%, Pomegranate 72%

Colour Suggestion: Orange