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Air Freshener Blanks (25 packs) for candle making || Fraiseurs d'air Blanks (25 packs) pour la fabrication de bougies

Air Freshener Blanks - 25 Pack

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Cardboard paper air freshener blanks. Available in white only. Choose from oval, flower, heart, star shape.

5 Easy Steps to a Basic Air Freshener

  • Brush shape with food colour, soap dye, or poster paint and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Apply fragrance by painting on with an inexpensive paint brush. We don't recommend dunking or soaking, since over saturating the material with fragrance results in greasy fresheners and will require blotting, which wastes fragrance oil!
  • Punch a hole at the top with a small METAL office-type paper punch, ice pick, awl, or large needle. Plastic scrapbook punches may break, due to the thickness of the material.
  • Cut a piece of string, elastic, thread, yarn, raffia or ribbon to the desired length, and thread it through the& hole at the top, knotting ends securely.
  • Package completed air freshener by putting it in a flat cello bag, fold down the top, and staple or tape it closed. You can also use a label to seal it or staple a fold-over header card or a business card to the top of the bag.

As with any project, TESTING is the key to great results. Results can vary depending on the combination of decorating materials and fragrance oils.

Approximate dimensions: 

  • Heart: 3" x 5"
  • Star: 3.5" x 4.5"