Private Parties/Events

Looking for a cool idea for your upcoming private party or event? Village Craft and Candle offers a fun and unique solution!! We would love to host your party or event at our beautiful Candle Bar.

Ideal for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Girl's Night Out
  • Bachlorette Party
  • Wedding Favour Making Party
  • Family/Friend Reunions
  • Office Team Building up to 18 ppl (call for pricing)
  • Bus Tours up to 30 ppl (call for info on tours, many options available)

We can customize and theme any of our craft projects to meet the individual needs of your group and/or event. All supplies are provided by Village Craft and Candle.

Popular projects:

  • Sand Candles: Participants will learn how to layer coloured palm wax to create a beautiful image. $35 per person
  • Chunky Pillar: Guests will begin by making coloured and scented chunks of wax. They will then layer the chunks inside a mold and then pour melted wax over them. Once it has set, they will remove their candles from the mold to reveal a beautiful, one of a kind pillar candle. $35 per person
  • Love of Lavender Candle, soap and lotion: We will walk your guests through the process of making a lavender scented candle, soap and lotion. $35 per person
  • Chocolate Lover Candle and Bar Soap: Your chocolate loving guests will save the calories when they learn to make a delicious smelling candle and soap. $35 per person
  • Rainbow Bath and Body: - Guest will learn who to make flavoured chapstick and rainbow coloured and scented lotion and soap. $35 per person
  • Tie Dye Colour Candle: Guests will learn different techniques and colours to create fun tie dye candles. $35 per person
  • Hurricane Candle: Guests will learn how to embed different objects around the outside of a beautiful pillar candle. $35 per person
  • Rolled Cinnamon Bun Candle: Learn to make a delicious smelling version of these popular treats. $35 per person
  • Fresh Fruit Sundae Candle: These candles will look and smell  like the real thing when your guests are done! $35 per person
  • Luminary: By dipping a balloon in wax and removing the balloon after it has set, guests will create beautiful luminary candles by placing small candles inside. $35 per person
  • Forever Memory Gel Candle: Guests will place different objects like shells, fake flowers etc into a jar and pour clear gel wax over it to freeze the objects the way they are. $35 per person

Minimum Private party - 5 participants or $150

Discounts available for kid's birthday parties with 5-8 participants.  

*Bookings on hold due to COVID

Contact the store for more information and/or to book your event by phoning (519) 284-9900 or emailing Sue at