Our Story

"Hobby gone wild" would be the best description if asked how Village Craft and Candle came to be. Now with close to 20 years in the business, it is safe to say that the goodies in our shop are "tried, tested and true".

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Kind of like the Hair Club for Men commercial, not only do we sell the products, we use them in the creations that grace our shelves. Our humble beginning in the basement of Sue's home keep us grounded, offering a comfortable, approachable perspective to our newcomers. And yes... you can sniff all 300 oils if your nose can take it!

We pride ourselves in being a leading supplier for candle and soap making products in Canada. It's a pleasure to introduce others to the art, and see where it goes from there. The retail store at 158 Queen Street in St. Marys, Ontario is the fourth expansion of the business.

The store is well known for its specialization in custom candles and votive candles in close to 100 fragrances. The last relocation in 2015 brought the addition of the “Candle Bar”, a fun area for classes and get-togethers for locals and visitors alike.

We do fragrance oils right!

Whether you are making candles, bath and body products or any other project that requires scent, we offer a large section of over 300 high quality fragrance oils. We are well known for the consistency and strength of our oils, and we are still carrying premium oils originally designed to our specifications 15 years ago.

Meet the Team

Ali Paige

Sue Griffiths

CEO (Creator ExtraOrdinaire) Head honcho, candle guru, make work master. Mover of skids, mover of numbers. Suffers from constant creative brain activity, resulting in endless product additions and ongoing projects for the staff.

Leanne Keeler

Leanne Keeler

Superior organizer, master of packing a thousand items into a dice sized box. Specialized in precision and detail, able to keep things in squares and straight lines, yet has a keen eye for comfy home decor display. Loves to spend the VCC$ to adorn the gift shop.

Erin Fifield

Erin Fifield

The graphics gal, do-all, go-to creator, designer and another set of hands for pouring candles. We haven't figured out what other talents she is hiding, so her role is to be considered "evolving".

Dee Votary

Dee Votary

Our latest addition, Dee is assisting in making your parcel dreams come true, Dee is moving boxes and perfecting tape gun skills. You may hear her cheery voice on the other end of the phone as well.

Large selection of waxes

Large selection
of waxes

Quality Fragrance Oils

Quality Fragrance

Specialize in Candles

in Candles

Knowledgeable Staff


We Make Candles on Site

We Make
Candles on Site

High Order Fill Rates

High Order
Fill Rates

Fast, Economical Shipping

Fast, Economical

Cash & Carry Showroom

Cash & Carry

Free, Helpful Advice

Free, Helpful

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