Wax Artisan Academy

Are you thinking about making candles, surfing and pinning, and becoming overwhelmed?

Are you a candle fanatic, and it is time to save some money by making your own?

Are you at home with little ones and looking for a second income?

Do you need work that is flexible and rewarding?

Are you retired and bored?

Are you yearning to be your own boss?

Do you make candles but know there is soooo much more to learn?

Do you want to have your own DIY studio and teach?

Do you want to take your hobby to the next level?

Do you need help branding and expanding?


I started in my basement, and I understand how much time it takes to research and test.  If someone knows an answer to your question, they may not want to help for fear that you may benefit.

Hogwash!!  It's going on 20 years that I have been making candles.  If I can help you, I will.  Customer Anthony calls me "master", customer Kristy calls me "Candle Mom".  Do I care if your supplies come from another supplier.  No! (ok, maybe a little).  But I will still help.  I will help you save time and money and get the best results you can.  

The course and mentoring will be a minimal monthly fee, with an opt out at any time. 

The membership will consist of Live Classes, Q&A days, patterns and projects, checklists, sales ideas, marketing, branding....

You get the idea!

This Christmas season, take your candles to a whole new level!

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WAA  Tuition

WAA Tuition


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