Information Updates

We have created this page for you to keep you informed  of the current situation with changes due to COVID-19.  Please check here often, as it is changing at a fast pace.

Update May 13th, 2020 _ No curbside pick up Saturday, Sunday or Monday

1. Curbside pick up is resuming Tuesday, May 19th with restrictions:

  • Orders MUST be placed on line and paid for in advance.  The store is NOT open to the public (for washroom breaks, debit machine use or viewing samples or smelling oils).
  • Orders will be picked in sequence as they always have been.  Pick up orders do not jump ahead in importance.
  • Once the order is ready, an email will alert you and then we will contact you to make arrangements for a pick up time.
  • Pick up days and times may change as things evolve and staff are able to be rehired.  Currently plan on Tues - Fri.  between 10 am and 3 pm

    We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, however, all requests will not be possible.

2. Due to the large increase in order volumes and limited staff, we are finding it difficult to process orders as quickly as we have in the past.  PLEASE, do not call or email to ask where your order is in line, this just uses our time that could otherwise be used to process your order.  Orders are processed in the sequence they are received so that inventory is controlled.  We do not offer Rush Service for any customers because of this.

3.  We are not allowing add-ons to orders.  When you place an order, we do not see your payment method.  This makes it very inconvenient and time consuming to add items to your order as it has to be done manually.  We ask that you take the extra minute to check your order in the VIEW CART screen before you submit it.  

4.  Canada Post has resumed as well.  If your order needs to be packed in multiple pieces, the freight charges may not be sufficient.  Please be advised that we will choose an alternative shipping method in that situation and notify you of the change rather than contacting you for more funds.

Shipping companies are overwhelmed and placing surcharges/restrictions on parcel volumes.  Regardless of how your parcel is shipped, we are not able to control the speed at which it arrives.  Unfortunately, we cannot track parcels for you at this time.  Patience is key.

5.  Stock levels and estimated time of arrivals (ETA)  are a guess at best these days.  Whenever possible, we will post this information within the product description.  We are optimistic that this situation will improve going forward as our suppliers return to a new normal.

The classroom/showroom area of the store has now been converted into extra workspace to assist staff with work areas suitable for social distancing.  We foresee this being the case until the end of summer, possibly longer.  For sanitary reasons, we are unable to have the scent bar open for customers to open and smell fragrances.  Curb side pickup is available from Tues-Fri, 10-3pm.  Curb side is closed Saturday thru Monday.  UPS and Canada Post are also options for shipping parcels.  Be advised that service is slow and expect delays due to volume and backlog.

AS of April 17/2020

We are still shipping, but you will notice a number of items are out of stock.  Please HELP US by reading the following before contacting us.  We would like to use our time to process your order rather than answer phones and do emails.

Are you still shipping - Yes

How fast will my parcel leave, I haven't heard back from you?  -Our staff has been reduced by 80%.  We will get to your order, in the order it arrived.  Most parcels are leaving in 2 working days.

Can I add to my order?        NO.        When you add something, the freight has to be adjusted and payment has to be arranged.  We do not have the extra manpower for that.  PLEASE check your order before you submit it.  

Why aren't you doing No Contact Pick ups?  Again, it is a matter of utilizing our time to pack orders.  Organized pick ups may return when the government lifts some restrictions and staff can return.

Why no Canada Post?  Our contracted driver has been laid off, and we simply do not have time to stand in line with a stack of parcels at the post office.

My parcel says "shipped" but I didn't get a tracking number. We mark it shipped when the tag is made for UPS, but the tracking starts when the parcel is retrieved and scanned.  No tracking number means it is sitting here waiting to be picked up.

My parcel is not moving.  Once your parcel is with UPS, it is beyond our control.  Please realize that the courier systems are overwhelmed right now, and short staffed.  Allow an extra 2 days onto your normal delivery time.

I only got part of my order.  We are shipping from two locations.  If you have multiple parcels, especially glass and wax, be patient.  It is on its way.\

How long will you be out of stock on things?  Some of our suppliers are CLOSED.  Until they reopen and have stock, we will be out of stock.

Why did you add a $4 Handling Fee?  We are seeing a lot of small orders, and the UPS being charged on your bill is not reflecting what we are being charged.  We are simply recovering our costs.

Can I rush my order?  Orders are processed in the order received.  We do not, and have not offered Rush service.

For a full list of our Terms and Conditions, please click here .

Thank you for your business and understanding during this chaos.

As of March 26, 2020

Our pick up with Canada Post is being limited due to dropping volumes of businesses shipping in our local area.  We do not have staff to manage moving parcels to our local Post office that is on restricted times.  We are now limited to UPS as our sole method of shipping.  Due to staff shortage, we will also be removing the Pick Up option for the time being.  PLEASE check in HERE for regular updates.

As of March 24, 2020

After further review, online orders will be processed and courier services will continue to move parcels.    It is expected that this too will cease shortly.

Please note:  This is a family run business and we consider our customers family as well.  We are concerned for the well being of our customers and staff, and are doing our best to maintain the level of service you are accustomed to during these difficult times.  Please allow additional time for your products to arrive.  Please stay safe and stay home .

March 23, 2020


As of March 23, 2020

Online candle supply orders are being processed and shipped.  Arrangements can be made on an individual basis for no-contact pick ups.  No walk in pick ups .  Orders are leaving in 1-2 business days.

The gift shop is offering some unique shopping solutions on our Facebook page. Please follow for details.


As of March 18, 2020

We have closed the retail gift store to foot traffic, and have implemented a delivery system for local customers within St. Marys.  Items will be highlighted on our Facebook page.  Currently, we are still offering Pick Up as an option for candle making supplies.  The order must be prepaid and arrangements will be made to organize a time and discuss the process.  Communication was rerouted to allow more staff to work remotely.

Plans have begun to organize the Annual Candle Retreat as an Online event.  Stay Tuned.

As of March 16, 2020

We removed the fragrance samples from  use as well as drop-in class options. 

As of March 14, 2020

We implemented extra precautions at our retail store in cleaning routines, implementing daily disinfecting of public access areas and stopping the public use of our washroom facilities,  We began promoting the tap option at check out, provided hand sanitizer to guests, and cancelled all scheduled classroom events.  We notified the public of reduced hours and Sunday closing.

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