Technical Candle Science Classes

SPECIAL SEMI ANNUAL "Wax Works" Workshop - Sunday, September 17, 2017  9:30am -4 pm    $149.00+tax    EIGHT SPOTS ONLY!

Come for the full day.  The workshop starts at 9:30 with a store tour and explanation of candles throughout the store.  Technical classes begin at 10 am sharp with basic candle projects until noon.  After a break for lunch, return to get creative with three projects:

Fish Bowl Candle- using a combo of palm wax, beeswax and gel wax, create a realistic looking mini aquarium candle!

Cookies and Milk candle - learn how to adjust temperatures to shape wax into "ediblistics".

Make Colour Move- how to use different techniques with liquid and solid dyes for fabulous colour motion candles.

The store will be open for attendees for private shopping after the course is over

Candle Science 101

Learn all of the science behind candle making at The Candle Bar, located in St Marys, ON. We will talk about the different kinds of wax and various styles of candles. Learn how to make a votive candle, jar candle, tealights, and see a demonstration on how to create pillar candles. All supplies are included and the items you make, you take home with you. This is an informative class for students wishing to learn all there is to know about candle making. Spend 45 minutes learning theory and 2 hours pouring candles. Registration is required. Call 519-284-9900 to register. $79.99/person.


Wax Works Workshop

Wax Works Workshop

SPECIAL SEMI ANNUAL "Wax Works" Workshop - Sunday, September 17, 2017 9:30am -4 pm $149.00+tax EIGHT..


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