FAT Paint is our new passion, because one cannot craft too much!  We added FAT chalk style paint in October 2017.

First things first, we needed a display cupboard.  Why not make it a FAT project?  We found this beauty for $100 on our local buy and sell.

First we took it apart, removed all of the hardware and the glass.  We gave it a quick over with a sanding block and then a wipe with an old t-shirt to get up the dust.

Here is a pic after one coat of Raven (exterior) and Caribbean blue (interior). It was a bit of a damp day outside, so it took about 45 minutes for that coat to dry.  A second coat was applied.  It looked flawless.  I was a bit nervous to do the distressing.

With a very light sand, I put the highlights onto the doors, corners, and random spots where I wanted the wood to show through.  A quick wipe with a soft lint free cloth removed the dust.

This cupboard will not see high traffic, so I decided on Natural Wax, rather than Clear Coat.  I applied it with a soft cloth, but I will invest in a brush for this.  I would have used less wax, and I think it would have went quicker.  Rub it in really well, and then let it set.  Give it an extra buff the next day.

I bought all new hardware, and reassembled the cupboard.  My handles didn't fit the old drawer holes, I won't make that mistake again!

All total  $100 for the cabinet, $60 for the hardware, $80 for product and a brush. I used the best part of a quart of Raven and could have gotten away with a pint of the Caribbean blue. A small container of Natural FAT wax worked for sealing.  I'm inFATuated with this new paint.  Come visit us and we'll get you hooked too!

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