Working with Silicone Molds

Our molds are hand crafted by Village Craft and Candle Inc. from an actual candle or object.

Every detail is copied, including small imperfections of the original item. These imperfections will duplicate on your finished candle.  The material used is a flexible rubber compound. It should not be necessary to use release agent. This mold can be washed with mild detergent, but this should not be necessary. It is better to brush out any small wax residue. This mold is NOT intended for food. This mold is intended for candles (or soap) Softer waxes, such as soy, may break or crumble.  Silicone molds are best used with pillar waxes and beeswax.

Some molds may come with slits, and must be held together with elastic bands. The slits allow the silicone to flex when removing the finished candles.  Try to find elastics that will hold the slit closed in place, but are not so tight that it causes the mold to indent.  Do not store your candle mold with tight elastics on it, this will cause the mold to misshape.

To wick the mold

The wick can be pulled through the base of the mold and secured across the top OR use a wick pin (wire coat hanger) to create a “hole” for the wick to be inserted later. For the wick pin method, allow the wax to cool to the consistency of fudge, then push the pin into the wax and leave it there.  Turn the pin occasionally to keep the wax from hardening to it.  Paraffin wax will shrink. Remember to poke holes in the wax to allow the candle center to crater. This keeps the sides from concaving. Refill the center cavity with a second pour of wax before releasing.  ALWAYS put your mold in a pan to catch runaway wax (just in case your slits were not sealed tightly).

To Unmold the Candle

Remove the wick pin and the elastic bands if used.  Slowly and gently work the silicone away from the wax.  On more detailed candles, this may require two people. Grab ahold of the candle and work free from mold.  You will need to level the candle with heat to make it sit properly. 

With proper care, these silicone molds will last for decades.

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