We get asked often how the soy waxes we carry differ from one another.

Here is our best "practical" explanation:

Container wax = 100% soy wax.  Made with soy wax only, it contains no extra botanical waxes.  This is the lowest melt point of the three, it will almost melt in your hand.  It takes scent well, but colours will appear powdery and soft and may bloom, which appears as a white powder on the wax.

Millenium wax = is a base of the container soy wax, with added botanical waxes to help control the bloom.  Colours will appear somewhat more uniform, and the powder is minimized.  Still a sticky wax intended for jar candles

Votive/Pillar wax = has been modified with extra botanical waxes to allow for the wax to release from votive and pillar molds.  This wax behaves similar to paraffin wax.  I find it shrinks enough to require a repour. The colour is quite opaque, and the bloom is non-existant.

For example - lavender colour in container soy will appear mauve, in millenium it will be a soft purple and in votive/pillar it will appear purple.

Tina Whynott
Tina Whynott
Monday 20th August 2018

Thank you for the information. It was very helpful.

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