It seems everyone is super excited and ready to get on board with rewards points (RP)  but we've had a lot of questions on how the rewards system works. Let's clear up the questions, here are your answers:

1. What is a reward point worth?

Essentially one point is worth $0.0125. This works out to saving 2% off of each purchase that has rewards points.

2. How am I able to redeem rewards points?

Rewards are earned on scent and candle making equipment. Purchase scent on your initial order and then be credited after your order has been processed. You may redeem any amount of rewards points on your next purchase of wax. If you have rewards earned from a previous order and wax in your cart for your current order the option will show before checking out. You can choose to spend some or all of your points at this time. You may also save up all of your points to spend at a later date for more savings.

We have recently added that you can spend your rewards points on any of our Melt & Pour Soap Bases as well as the 30ml Rewards Points Fragrance.

3. Will you be adding more items to earn rewards on?

Absoultely! Fragrances were a good place to start and many more items are expected to follow. Candle Making Equipment has also been added as a way to earn points.

4. Why am I not getting my rewards points?

This is the troubleshooting part. You must be signed into a registered account since only customers that have created an account gain access to coupons and rewards. Rewards are not credited to your account immediately. After processing your order the staff at VC Candle applies your rewards points manually and as soon as possible.

5. Do you have any other promotions related to rewards?

Of course we do! We give away free points, have flash mob sales, put double points on featured products, and there's way more contests then just these few. We send out a newsletter a couple of days in advance, before the coupons can be used or the rewards can be earned just to give everyone a heads up. The newsletter can be signed up for on the main page of the website. We also hold special sales on Facebook and Twitter. Rewards will save you money and who wouldn't want free wax?

Still have questions? Leave us a comment below and we'll be sure to help you out!



Maria Torrealba
Maria Torrealba
Friday 21st September 2018

Hi there, do I get any reward points for my wax, colorant and wick purchases???

I've put in a total of 3 orders, but have not received any reward points???


(When you have time)

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