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Sue Griffiths August 02, 2014

Making your own embeds

You will need to use IGI1260 wax as the base for making your own fruit. This wax has a 159F Melt point, but even that will not withstand the heat of melted gel at 200-210F To harden the wax even further, add 2 tbsp. of vybar to each pound of wax....
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Sue Griffiths May 01, 2014

Designing your Own Line of Candles

So what does it take to make your product sell? #1 Quality – No matter what kind of candle you are making, soy, beeswax, paraffin, tea light through to novelty, customers are going to want a candle that...
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Sue Griffiths February 02, 2014

Technical Paper from IGI on Mottling Wax

This is a fairly indepth paper on the structural make up of IGI1274 and how the mottling is caused, and what can prevent it from forming. The conclusion on the last page is most useful for the average candle maker....
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Sue Griffiths January 17, 2014

Reviewing Last Year

The Holiday Season catches a lot of our newer candle makers by surprise. We often hear that they had no idea things were going to be so hectic and that next time around , they are starting in August and September to get ready. In many cases, the novice candle maker has no intention of selling...
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Sue Griffiths November 01, 2013

Snowman Jar Candle with IGI4630

A slab of wax will go a long way. A 10 lb slab liquefies to approximately 5000 ml, or 160 oz . In this project, the wax is ideal because it solidifies to a nice, clean white, sticks well to the jar, and allows for lots of fragrance!...
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Sue Griffiths July 29, 2013

The 3T’s of Fragrance Oil

Tried… Tested… True. At Village Craft and Candle, we have a reputation built on the quality of our fragrance oils (and finished candles). Over the years, our fragrance line has expanded to over 300 scents and now also includes some essential oils. In our retail store, there are over 80 of our ...
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