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Sue Griffiths June 03, 2015

Latest Trends? We're Well Ahead!

Often we are asked for NEW fragrances and with 300+ it's hard to think of something we don't have. One way to ride the latest wave is to see what the big companies are doing. Here are the latest trends in the market:...
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Sue Griffiths May 29, 2015

Moving Day is Coming Soon!

We are moving our retail location two doors down to a bigger space. Our new location will consist of 800 sq.ft. of giftware and 1500 sq.ft of space for candle making and supplies. The coolest feature will be the addition of the Candle Bar, where our videos will be filmed, classes wi...
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Sue Griffiths February 13, 2015

Lead Wick

If you make candles, you've probably been asked about the latest post circulating on Social Media regarding lead in candle wicks. Let's look at the post. "According to a study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 40 percent of candles on the market contain lead wires...
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Sue Griffiths August 19, 2014

Taking Candle Courses On Line

In 2008, I made a New Years Resolution to write a book on the science involved in making candles. Like any resolution, it lasted until mid February. I completed the Table of Contents, saved it in the File of Good Intentions and got back to work. I continued to teach in person,...
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