Spice Cake Fragrance Oil (Warm kitchen spices) for Candle Making

Spice Cake - Fragrance Oil

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Warm kitchen spices right from the oven. Notes of spicy ginger softened with creamy vanilla. A must have when the weather gets colder!

This fragrance oil is an in-house mix that is being retired. It is available while supplies last and then it can be recreated by using the recipe below.

Recipe - 50% Butter Cream and 50% Gingerbread

Suitable for Paraffin, Soy, and Vegetable waxes

  • Flash Point - **

**This fragrance is an in house blend to Village Craft and Candle. The oils in this blend have flash points between _150_F and _200__F. All components are skin safe. This oil is best used within one year.


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