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Medium Density Candle Gel Wax

Gel Wax
• Candle gel wax is not actually a wax at all – it is a combination of resin and mineral oil
• It is similar to other waxes in that it holds scent and color and melts and burns. The difference is in its transparency that allows for an entirely different variety of candles to be made from it.
• Medium density is generally suited for candles with 3-5% fragrances. This density is good gel for embedding many of the wax inserts.
• When making gel candles there are no additives needed .
• Before making gel candles for resale it is important to review all the safety precautions in manufacturing these candles.

*Must use gel safe fragrances
*fragrance must have a flash point higher then 170F
*Proper wick selection is critical
*Long neck tab is recommended
*Do not go over the recommended percent usage of fragrance
*Always have burning instructions
*Make sure gel embeds are not flammable.

Bubble, Bubbles, Bubbles—Stir slowly, Pour slowly, pouring at a lower temperature will produce more bubbles than pouring at a higher temperature. If you see bubbles forming along the surface as it is cooling a heat gun will help. If a cooled candle has too many bubbles, you may place it in a warm oven for several hours.

Heat gel to 225, Add fragrance and colour 200-225, Pour temperature 185-200

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