• Coconut Wax Premium Container Blend- sample

Coconut Wax Premium Container Blend- sample

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apx 1lb


Contains small amount of soy, enough  to make it slabbable.



Heat to 200-210F degrees, remove from heat source, add fragrance oil and dye, blend and stir while cooling and

pour at 200F degrees for best results. For Consistant smooth results, it is recommended to pour Hot @200-210F.

For thick glass and or cooler room temeratures below 65F, pre-heating the glass is recommended and poured at 200F.

For smoother top surfaces, it is recommended to heat lamp the surface after candle has set up.

All our natural blends were formulated to pour hot ( 200 to 210) for slower cooling rate which will result in consistant

smoother looking candles and minimimize any blooming. Maximum Fragrance load is 8%, but higher fragrance loads

should be tested per fragrance.

This product meets FDA requirements for use in non-food articles in contact with food as per

21 CFR 172.880.

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