• Bulk Beeswax Block - apx 12lbs

Bulk Beeswax Block - apx 12lbs

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Bulk Beeswax Block approximately 12lbs  #1 Finely Cleaned

This grade of beeswax is rendered beeswax cappings that have been cleaned with a simple and gentle gravity system that utilizes a filtering technique that cleans the beeswax down to 1 micron. This produces beeswax that is suitable for making all styles of beeswax candles. Our cleaning process cleans out the dirt and leaves the oils and other natural therapeutic properties intact also making it suitable for use in creams and lotions. Usually a light to mid yellow. Also suitable for encaustic art.

Just about any type of candle can be made with beeswax, from votives, pillars, containers and molded creations. It's a heavy, sticky wax, so it seems to work best in molds that are either small or flexible, like silicone molds, or in two part molds that easily come apart.

All of our beeswax comes from select Canadian beekeepers.

If you have been searching for where to find candle wax you are in the right place!

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