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  • Votive/Pillar Soy Wax - 1lb

Votive/Pillar Soy Wax - 1lb

NOTICE:  REFORMULATED WAX EXPECTED TO RETURN OCT 2018 in the original pellet form.

´╗┐´╗┐VCCandle has tested a recipe of 2 parts Millennium to 1 part Palm Wax and has concluded that it constitutes an acceptable substitution for votive and tealight candles.  Testing was done with our HTP83 votive wicking and our soy tealight wicks. 

Village Craft and Candle is an Authorized Distributor for American Soy Organics

Positively the best natural pillar blend on the planet! This soy and botanical blend of waxes acts more like a paraffin than any wax. Tremendous single-pour properties Outstanding color-retention Incredible release from molds without the need of release agents You can create a rustic mottled candle by pouring cooler, and a shiny sophisticated candle by pouring hotter.

Here is how it's done:

  • Melt wax to 180 degrees F
  • Let cool to 170 degrees F and add fragrance
  • Pour right away for a smooth finish, or cool to 140 degrees for a mottled effect.
  • Let cool for 48 hours prior to burning.

This wax can be fragranced to 12% or higher, but be sure to use fragrances with flashpoints above 190 degrees for maximum performance in your candle. Always test your wicks in your candles.

This wax is not white. It is closer to ivory in appearance.

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