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Paraffin wax, Soy wax, Beeswax, Gel wax, Palm wax. To learn more about waxes be sure to view this video.

 Different Types of Wax

Over the centuries, candle waxes have been developed from a variety of fats, oils and waxy-like substances derived from animals, insects, plants and rocks.

Scientists consider “wax” to be a generic term for classifying materials that have the following characteristics:

- Solid at room temperature; liquid at higher temperatures, primarily hydrocarbon in structure, water repellent; insoluble in water,
- Smooth texture; buffable under slight pressure,low toxicity; low reactivity, low odor.

All waxes are primarily hydrocarbons, whether the wax is of animal, vegetable, or petroleum origin. The chemical composition of all waxes used for candle-making is similar, and all candle waxes burn in the same manner.

Paraffin is the most commonly used candle wax today. Beeswax, soy wax, palm wax, gels, and synthesized waxes are also used in candle-making and are considered “natural” because they come from a renewable resource. Petroleum wax is ultimately derived from crude oil. It is a resultant product of decomposition of tiny aquatic plants and animals that lived in the ancient seas millions of years ago.

Waxes burn with a yellow flame due to the presence of carbon.

No specific type of wax or wax blend is considered “best” for candlemaking. All candle waxes – when provided in high-quality format – have been shown to burn cleanly, safely and in the same manner.

Reputable candle manufacturers use only high-quality waxes in their formulations

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