Candle Dye

Please Note VCC Dyes are in the process of being reformulated to allow for use in ALL waxes. Colours will be more concentrated and more consistant. Please watch label for notice marked "New & Improved".

Liquid and dye chips for vibrant candle colours.

For more information on how to colour your candles, click here

You can actually overload the dye and it will clog the wick. Do not exceed 14 drops of liquid per pound, or 3 colour chips per pound.

By adding more black, brown or mahogany you can deepen a colour to a darker shade.

Mix colours, then put a dab on wax paper or countertop , let dry and then you will know the true colour your candle will be.

In soy, colours will be more pastel.

Please Note: While the manufacturer makes every effort to maintain the consistency of the color chips, color batches may vary. We cannot guarantee the colors to match exactly. Please check each new batch you receive with your own color samples.

The final colour of the candle may vary depending on a number of factors eg. wax type, fragrance colour and pouring temperature of the wax.

Certain colour combinations may not allow the candle to burn properly. Always test burn.

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