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  • Krazy Candle Kit

Krazy Candle Kit

Krazy Candle Kit - SAVE 15%

The Krazy Candle Kit  makes votives, container candles, and 12 tealights.

5 30ml fragrances
Dye chips - to match fragrances
50 oz premixed votive paraffin wax
50 oz premixed container paraffin wax
24 pretabbed SCV votive wicks
12 pretabbed  wicks for 2"-3" inch diameter jars
8 votive molds
12 4oz jars
12 tealight cups and wicking
Caution labels
Wick stickums
Small pour pot
All instructions

Please Note: Kits are premade by VCC staff. All scents and colours are selected by staff.


Instructional Video Available: How to Make Votive Paraffin Candles

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