Bulk Buys

A lot of you have asked if there is a way to lower your costs. 


BULK BUYS are a way for those of you who need larger volumes to buy "along side" the inventory being offered by Village Craft and Candle.

There are a few rules:

You have to be okay with bigger quantities, you have to be willing to pay up front and you have to be able to take the stock when it arrives. 

The saving on the BULK BUYS is accomplished by ordering together as a collective body. Payment in advance proves commitment to the product purchase.  Savings are made by reducing import freight, packaging costs, administration time and eliminating warehousing costs.

SO................... if you are interested in SAVING 10- 15% , read on............

1.  Orders must reach the require minimum for the coupon code to work and placed WITHIN the allowed time frame.  Orders will then be combined and placed with the manufacturer.   Late orders will not be eligible.   Items ordered from the rest of the website will not qualify for the discount. 

2.  Orders must be paid when checking out with credit card, PayPal or emoney transfers.  This insures that the product is paid for in advance of us ordering it for you.

3.  Items will ship upon arrival.  "Pick ups" must be happen with 72 hours of the arrival of the product, as we will not have storage room for this product.

4. Expect to wait 2-4 weeks for items to arrive.  Plan ahead.

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