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  • Fluted Pillar 2.5 x 5 - Silicone Mold

Fluted Pillar 2.5 x 5 - Silicone Mold

Silicone mold to make one 2.5" x 5"  fluted pillar. Candles may look slightly different from image. Suggested #3 cotton wick, always test burn your product to make sure the wick works for you.

Silicone Rubber molds are ideal for casting beeswax. May also be used with paraffin and votive/pillar soy wax.

Unlike other molds that require release agents, silicone rubber molds are durable, versatile and do not require any release agent. A small smooth pillar candle can be removed from the mold within 30 minutes of the wax being poured. Tapers can be removed within 15 minutes. Molds use a metal pin (included) to make a centered wick hole. Once cooled just remove candle from mold and insert a pre-made wick tab assembly into the wick hole.

The silicone rubber that is used to make these molds is amazing stuff. It can be stretched 3 times its original size before it will tear and can withstand temperatures of 450 F. The silicone rubber comes in various viscosities, which allows the use of softer rubber for molds with textured relief, thus eliminating the need to split the mold down the side and hold it together with elastics when casting. Resulting in a smooth casting with no seam lines to trim later. Silicone rubber molds, like all molds, acquire a thin glaze of wax after repeated uses. To remove a light glaze just brush with a bottle brush, or for a heavy wax glaze run through the dishwasher or boil in a pot of water and then wipe with a soft cloth.

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