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Candle Making Chandler's Course

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Candle Making Basics to Business

For over 10 years, the Hands-On Candle Basics Class has been offered in our shop for those interested in learning the nitty gritty science of candle making. Once you understand the individual components of the candle system and how changing the variables in the candle produces different results, you can begin to create candles specific to your interests. For the novice candle maker, this knowledge goes a long way to helping troubleshoot and creating a safe and sellable candle. It should drastically reduce the amount of testing, and save on supplies and time.

This course includes 1 1/2 hour video and detailed reference guide of downloadable/printable material containing the following:

  • History and candle sales statistics
  • Necessary equipment and supplies
  • Candle measurement chart
  • Styles and terminology
  • In-depth wax information on paraffin, soy, palm, gel, and beeswax
  • In-depth wick information including Usage and Suggestion charts
  • Colour class
  • Fragrances and essential oils
  • Complete section on safety and labeling
  • Basic candle recipe demo
  • Printable pouring instructions for all waxes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Testburning
  • Tips and Tricks from the Shop

As an added bonus, a section on Business Know How covers topics such as:

  • Selling your product through wholesale, sales reps, consignment, fundraising, home parties, open houses and craft shows
  • Branding vs advertising
  • Pricing suggestions

Fifteen years of experience, testing, and advice in one jam packed course!

It is recommended that you read the chapter in the guide (which you can print or read online) and then watch the corresponding video to fully benefit from the course.  The complete course takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete. IF you would like us to send you the DVD and Printed Manual rather than working online, please select the COURSE STYLE that includes the Binder and DVD Shipped option.

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