• IGI 6006- Soy Paraffin Blend (for containers) - 133MP -NOW 40LBS

IGI 6006- Soy Paraffin Blend (for containers) - 133MP -NOW 40LBS

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Tags: IGI 6006, Soy, Paraffin, Blend, 60lb

IGI 6006- Premixed Soy Paraffin Blend for container candles.

THIS HAS BEEN REPACKAGED TO 40lb boxes by the manufacturer.

Good single pour properties under optimal conditions. Good adhesion to jars, high fragrance load. Up to 10% fragrance oil retention.  Smooth and creamy look. Wax is preblended; no additives required.

Pouring temperature should be from 160-180F. Optimal pour temperature determined by experimentation.  Containers may or may not need to be pre-heated before pouring.

Size: 60 lbs $142.00

Available online only. Must be preordered if picking up at the store.

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